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Growing a Brand

LG Seeds came to Simantel almost 20 years ago seeking to improve its market share in the U.S. against competing agriculture leaders. Due to a business acquisition, what started as a brand campaign to establish an identity grew into a deep seeded knowledge in the agriculture industry, an Agency of Record accreditation, a multitude of shared success and ultimately, high performing business acquisition efforts.

As success came and trust grew, LG Seeds and Simantel continued focusing in on collaboration to take the nationally known seed company to the next level. Over the years, our work with LG Seeds evolved from traditional marketing like direct mail campaigns and product literature to web development, digital media, content creation and more. Take a look at some of our video work helping to differentiate the brand and its message.



What’s Next

The success doesn’t stop at just the digital transformation either. Parent company, Ag Reliant, recently announced plans to merge four regional seed brands under the LG Seeds moniker. Through this process, Ag Reliant has selected Simantel as the Agency of Record – a true validation to our shared success over the years.

As the tenure of client-agency relationships in the industry decline, Simantel and LG Seeds prove that hard work and collaboration prevails.

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