Since Mike Rowe has over 4 million Facebook followers, there are not many people that don’t know him. But in case you are one of them, Mike Rowe is an actor and narrator best known for his work on the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs. Since then, his career took off and he (arguably) has become one of the world’s most relatable celebrities.

This ultimate man’s man has worked his way to social super stardom, drawing anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of “likes” on a single Facebook post. Just days after Rowe read a letter from his mother about how she lost her purse at Wal-Mart, the post drew an unprecedented 100 million views.

Because Mike has become a voice for the trades, he has helped companies like Ford and Caterpillar as a spokesperson. He also serves as a social activist on topics like economic growth and job expansion.

So when we asked our Senior Copywriter, Kevin Kizer, about creating content, naturally Mike Rowe’s name came up. He breaks the cardinal rule of short Facebook posts on a regular basis, and yet he remains more popular than ever.

“Mike Rowe writes these massive posts and he gets 15 or 20 thousand people viewing them, reading them and interacting with him every day. He has a unique voice, he writes in a really engaging style that’s different from other people and he has a unique perspective.” 

What Marketers Can Learn from Mike Rowe

Having a unique perspective is something that all brands can look to. Mike Rowe choses his causes wisely, is genuine in his messaging and ultimately is a great storyteller. He remains very active on social media and responds to comments with clarity, purpose and empathy. On top of that, he is entertaining and has a great sense of humor; all the ingredients needed for a solid social media content plan.

No matter what your company’s cause or story may be, it’s critical to choose a perspective and stick with it. And alway be authentic. Social media requires active involvement and takes a lot of work. Developing your voice doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s essential to break through the social clutter.



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