In 2008, Illinois Central College (ICC) was seeking to increase minority student enrollment. At the time, marketing efforts were not targeted to resonate with these demographics. ICC’s Director of Diversity asked Simantel to help develop a high-impact campaign to reach these key segments.

Simantel’s Approach
Through secondary research, Simantel sought to relate the benefits of higher education with language that would reach minority audiences. We discovered words like “Respect Through Knowledge,” “Power Through Knowledge”, and “Opportunity Through Knowledge” would help create a unique position.  Plus, the use of edgy photography of real ICC students also proved valuable in drawing new attention to the school.

Creating a Destination
Simantel helped ICC surpass minority enrollment projections using a comprehensive advertising and media strategy that would reach defined targets. Outdoor and transit advertising was displayed in select geographic areas, radio spots aired on target stations and custom apparel with contemporary designs were ordered to complete the campaign.

This year, Simantel expanded ICC’s “Through Knowledge” campaign to a broader demographic, including non-traditional students (see the campaign here).