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See yourself at CSC

Carl Sandburg College (CSC), engaged Simantel to develop a campaign based on research conducted by an enrollment management consultant. In the midst of an accreditation self study and transition to a new president in 2010, the client asked Simantel for a short-term campaign solution while also working toward a revitalized brand.

Simantel’s Approach
Simantel’s analysis of existing research clearly showed that many of the area’s prospective students did not see themselves at the college. Most prospective students were aware of CSC, yet many could not state its best features and did not report a preference to attend. Simantel was asked to help improve perceptions and drive campus tours.

Creating a Destination
“See Yourself at CSC” became the campaign message to help position the college as an ideal choice for both traditional and non-traditional students. By utilizing an element of the CSC logo as a unifying graphic element throughout the campaign, Simantel was able to integrate the look and feel of the existing CSC brand through all campaign materials including outdoor advertising, a newly designed website and social media strategy, and multiple TV spots.












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