Caterpillar planned to launch its largest set of new product introductions (NPIs) at the same time, and on a global level, a first in the company’s history. Simantel worked with Caterpillar and formed a strategic marketing communications plan to:

  • Consolidate multiple NPIs under one effort
  • Develop a message that accurately represents the overall offering, and also allows for effective promotion of each individual NPI
  • Create a campaign that is consistent, scalable and can be adapted globally
  • Position the company as the leader in providing innovative, effective solutions for the industry

Simantel’s Approach
The phrase “All Day. Every Day.” was coined from customer research to represent a position owned solely by the Cat brand in the construction industry—quality equipment and support that result in greater reliability, productivity and profitability. Using this message platform, we developed individual messages for each NPI to support specific product messages and also work cohesively.

Creating a Destination
The primary component of the “All Day. Every Day.” campaign is the CatAllDay website. Designed as an information resource and engaging user experience, the site showcases key features and benefit information, model specifications, related work tool information, product animations, videos, virtual product tours and product brochures.

Spreading the Word
To increase awareness and help drive traffic to the website, we employ a media mix of direct mail, paid search, digital display and print advertising. Additional materials were developed for dealers to use, including direct mail, e-blasts, posters and banners.

Going Global
The CatAllDay website has been translated into 10 different languages and localized for 17 countries in North America and Europe, building on the strength of the Cat dealer network and Cat brand presence.